Unpacking the Proposed Estate Tax Changes

In the past few weeks, it’s likely that you’ve seen attention-grabbing headlines like these: Wealthy may face up to 61% tax rate on inherited wealth under Biden planBiden’s estate tax changes will wipe out millions of small businesses. With lots of dialogue surrounding President Biden’s proposed changes, it’s worth taking a moment to unpack and understand what […]

There Should Be Nothing Cryptic About Cryptocurrency In An Estate Plan

Cryptocurrencies have a more prominent role in estate planning than they did a decade ago. Since Bitcoin was introduced 12 years ago, cryptocurrencies have steadily grown in acceptance. A recent survey showed that 10% of people in the United States now own some form of cryptocurrency. Additionally, a 2020 online survey by the Cremation Institute […]

The 5 Golden Rules of Lending Money to Children

Living Trust Money

When you think about the price of having kids, the costs that come to mind may include things like child care, camp, braces and college tuition.What probably doesn’t spring to mind are mortgages, car payments or personal loans.