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Biden’s Budget Bill (and it how it might apply to you)

Recent headlines have been dominated by discourse surrounding Biden’s proposed $3.5 Trillion “Build Back Better”…
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What Does a Trustee Do Anyway?

If a loved one asks you to act as a trustee of their trust, it…
Estate Planning, Living Trust

What Californians Need to Know About the Oregon Estate Tax

Of all the states, Oregon has (rightfully) earned a reputation for having one of the…
Estate Planning, Living Trust

What Britney Spears has to do with your Estate Planning

In recent weeks, music icon Britney Spears has been dominating headlines as more and more…
Estate Planning, Living Trust

Here’s the story…. of Why Estate Planning is Essential for Blended Families

When The Brady Bunch aired in the 70s, it showed a fairly idyllic representation of…
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