How Prop 19 Changes Parent to Child Transfers

I explain in this video how Prop 19 makes drastic changes Parent to Child transfers.

*Note that this video was made prior to the count being official – the count now is official and prop 19 has passed.

Under Prop 19, the parent to child reassessment exclusion no longer applies unless it is a transfer of a primary residence from a parent to a child who uses it in turn as their primary residence. Whereas before there was no limit to the value of the transfer of a primary residence, prop 19 only excludes the first $1 million of assessed value. 
Prop 19 also changes the rules so that any transfer of a non-primary residence, or rental property, from parent to child is now reassessed. 
There are some benefits under prop 19 for individuals over 55 to transfer their assessed value to a new home, but there is no doubt about it that prop 19 is a huge change when it comes to parent to child or grandparent to grandchild transfers.

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